Social media revolution

November 2, 2009

It’s not just a revolution. Social media has hit the fan, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  Web 2.0 networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook and of course blogging are among the few online addictions that are changing the way we communicate. I must admit, I have fallen ill with the social media virus and it has spread faster than, dare I say, H1N1.

From a distance social media may seem like a trend that will come and go faster than one can say “re-tweet;” however, the essence of communication 2.0 is here to stay.

In a recent blog post titled “The Future of Social Media” on PR. 2.0, social media expert Brian Solis comments on the direction of social media as a tool for effective communication. He states that social colonization is the next emerging form of communication.  This phenomena allows users of Facebook and other social media platforms to travel across all networks with the same identity, data and connections. This will not only continue to revolutionize the way we use social media, it will also allow participants to practice transparency.

Social colonization is a perfect opportunity for students of public relations to engage with potential employers and fellow students. Social colonization is also a great way for organizations to listen to what is said about their brand, engage and network with others.

This post is a challenge to all individuals or organizations that are sitting on the social media fence. It’s now or never, so join us and engage with your audiences. You won’t regret it.